Concerning the Mass - part 11

Scripture Text: Mark 16:16

Baptism is necessary for salvation. Jesus did not say, Believe and you will be saved. Instead, he adds a work that he does to us through a Sacrament (meaning a sacred thing).

Concerning the Mass - part 10

Scripture Text: 2 Timothy 2:15

It is critical to have a right understanding. Our modern English Bible translations use the phrase, "rightly handling the word of truth." The King James puts a finer point on the phrase by following William Tyndale's lead in literally translating the phrase as "rightly dividing the word of truth."

Concerning the Mass - part 9

Scripture Text: Hebrews 10:11-14

Scripture presents Christ as our High Priest, who through his one sacrifice has taken away the sins of the world. Those who believe are justified with God by no merit or works of their own.

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