Concerning Good Works – part 10

Scripture Text: 2 Peter 1:3–11

The Holy Spirit calls us to faith through the Word, and thereby grants us eternal life. The promises of God have already been gifted through belief in the promise. To this we are to add the qualities of faith

Concerning Good Works – part 9

Scripture Text: John 6:47

We confess that for salvation, nothing else needs to be added to faith in Christ, or what is also called belief. Much is said in the record of Scripture about doing good works but never so that one would be justified with God by doing those works.

Concerning Good Works – part 8

Scripture Text: Romans 4:13–16

A promise has been made. All that remains is for us is to believe in God’s commitment to save us from sin. There is no need to do something in order to obtain his promise

Concerning Good Works – part 7

Scripture Text: Titus 3:5

Anyone who earnestly reads the Bible will soon observe that the teaching that we obtain the forgiveness of sins by faith freely for Christ’s sake has its foundation everywhere in the Bible.

Concerning Good Works – part 6

Scripture Text: 1 Peter 2:24

When medicine cannot revive you, and doctors are of no use, and when death is imminent, your good works will give you no solace. You must have a reliable treatment for your condition when the despair of sin and death overwhelm you.

Concerning Good Works – part 5

Scripture Text: Joshua 1:5–7

We must hold the ground of the gospel and not give an inch. When the choice is between Scripture and tradition, the choice is clear even if it is sometimes difficult.

Concerning Good Works – part 4

Scripture Text: Isaiah 53:4–6

The Father’s purpose in sending his Son into the world was so that the Christ would bear our sins. Nowhere has God’s plan been that we should bear our own iniquities.

Concerning Good Works – part 3

Scripture Text: Romans 3:26

God, who is faithful and just, forgives us of all sins and cleanses us from unrighteousness. He alone is legally and ethically righteous and honorable to forgive. He is the just justifier.

Concerning Good Works – part 2

Scripture Text: John 3:12-15

It is hard to believe. But it is true and must be believed. Christ came to save poor sinners—and he does not need our help. Our works are not the way; Christ is. Religion is not the truth; Christ is. Our devotion is not the life; Christ is.

Concerning Good Works – part 1

Scripture Text: Ephesians 2:8-10

The gospel clearly teaches that people are forgiven for Christ’s sake. The Apostle Paul instructs us in no uncertain terms that we are not saved from sin and death because of our works.

Concerning Free Will – part 9

Scripture Text: Genesis 6:5

God did not establish a world where sin existed. He created all good things and all things good. He did not create evil. Nevertheless, it is within his will that we may sin—otherwise, we could do no evil.

Concerning Free Will – part 8

Scripture Text: Acts 2:37-38

The young man in Matthew 19 had been keeping the commandments his whole life, or so he claimed, but still knew something was lacking. So he asked Jesus, “What good deed must I do to inherit eternal life?”

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